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Islamabad to Kashmir Abshar,Muzaffarabad ,Peer Chanasi , Kiran, Upper Neelum, Sharda, Kaal, Thaoo Butt, 

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Kashmir Abshaar

Kashmir Abshaar is the waterfall located 5 Km before Muzaffarabad City. Visitors come there to see the beautiful view and have tea, cold drink & snack on Abshaar side restaurant. Waterfalls are common in Azad Kashmir, but this one is best amongst the all which I have seen so far.


Muzaffarabad is the capital of the Pakistani territory of Azad Kashmir. The city is located inMuzaffarabad District near the confluence of the Jhelum and Neelum rivers. The district is bounded by the province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa in the west, by the Kupwara and Baramulla districts of Indian-administered Jammu

Pir Chinasi

Pir Chinasi is a shrine and tourist destination located 30 kilometers (19 mi) east of Muzaffarabad city on the top of hills at an elevation of 2,900 metres (9,500 ft). The mountain peak has gained large fame for its ziyarat of a famous Saint Pir Chinasi Known as Pir Sayed Hussain shah Bukhari. 

Upper Neelam Valley

The Neelam Valley is the northernmost region and district of Azad Kashmir in Pakistan. The district has a population of 191,251 according to the 2017 Census. The district was badly affected by the 2005 Kashmir earthquake. Contents. [hide]. 1 Location; 2 Administration; 3 Languages; 4 Ethnic groups; 5 Education; 6 Tourist 


Sharda (Urdu: شاردا ) (Also known as Shardi ) is a small town in Neelam District in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is one of the two tehsils of Neelum district. It is located on the banks of the Neelum river at an altitude of 1981m, about 136 kilometres northeast of Muzaffarabad.

Kayal Pakistan

Kayal Pakistan

Thaoo Butt

Thaoo Butt

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